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Being back home for almost two month now, I finally find some time to close this category, my trip to Bali.

I’ve been in Tanah Lot – an area where a rather famous temple of the same denominator is located. It’s kind of an island during high tide but accessible when tide is low.

Because of it’s formation, location and a spring of freshwater inside, a priest declared it as an holy place in the 15th century.

Seriously, it’s an amazing place (however flooded by tourists and locals trying to sell stuff).

After Tanah Lot I got back to Sanur, wanted to stay there just a few days and then move to the so called Gili islands…

…however unfortunately I got ill, got the Dengue fever.

I don’t want to elaborate my almost last 10 days on Bali, however it was everything but nice and I do not wish anyone getting this bloody fever – seriously…

Closing statement:

It was great (apart from the fever I got)!

Seriously, Bali is no place where you’re going to struggle in any way… the Balinese economy is based on tourism, so you can get there almost every (western) stuff – it’s everything but a survival training (assumed you’re not getting ill).

Bali is a perfect mix of paradise-like beach and sea (have a look at the photos posted a few posts below) and cultural experiences (despite the tourism the Balinese people try hard to keep and practise their culture) like their huge amount of temples, sacrificial offerings several times a day, performances, etc.

There is lot’s of tourism, and partially too much of it for sure (for example Kuta and surroundings) – however the locals are really lovely and open-minded, it’s quite easy to socialise and get in touch with them…

Sharing some time of their everyday life is a definite recommendation if you’re not just there for beach, sea and sun but interested as well in their daily grind and culture.

They are more than pleased to show you around, quiet interested in western politics, habits, views, etc. – answering your questions in exchange for yours 🙂

To those Balinese / Indonesian I met there, reading this:

Thanks you so much for the great time !!